A Poem of No Words - 5/8/16

"It's not what I didn't feel, it's what I didn't show." -Maroon 5

The following is a poem dedicated to the people I've underappreciated over the years. Happy Mother's Day.


If I never said how much I cared, it's because there were no words that could express how I felt.


If I never said you how important you were, it's because I couldn't admit it. My loneliness was so deeply ingrained that I  was scared of losing myself.


If I never said anything positive, it's because you were like an extension of my own being. A net that captured my insecurities, you saw a side of me that I was ashamed of.


If I never said anything at all for weeks or months, it's because I had nothing nice to say. And you deserved better than that.

If I never said I'm sorry, it's because I was afraid it would reveal to both of us how inadequate I was. Only later would I realize the opposite was true.

If I never said thank you, it's because I needed you -- like air or water. Was it gratitude? No, I simply wouldn't exist without.

If I never said I love you, it's because I was too weak... And I'm an idiot.