Can't Stop the Music

I was preparing for my biggest busk to date when my boombox was stolen.

I entered my home and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary right away. There was a CD and a red folder on the Futon which I assumed were placed there by my roommate. I walked right through the house to my room when I noticed that there was more stuff on the ground than I remember putting there. Then, I noticed that my computer was missing. Oh boy... I walked around the house and noticed all the other stuff that was gone. Video games and consoles, my roommate's computer and my boombox, amongst other things. I had been burglarized...

The loss of the boombox was perhaps the worst. Why? Because everything else was an inconvenience. But to mess with my boombox was to jeopardize my identity and everything I had been working to build. Worse yet, the computers were stolen from ME, but taking my boombox was taking money directly from the donation bin. Why would anyone do that? An eventual epiphany dawned upon me: I had had an encounter with my nemesis. The anthropomorphized antithesis of DoctorBeDancing. A personal criminal who had violated my space. A fear monger. While I expended my energies in an effort to show how individuals could better their community, my nemesis exemplified how an individual could worsen it. He was my ideologic opposite. The Joker to my Batman. I delved deep into that revelation and discovered the pearl of my work: to give people hope. An idealized conglomeration of traits designed to make people smile and inspire the people around him, DoctorBeDancing was essentially a superhero.

On my computer were stored memories of the past which I may now never recall. But my boombox was a vehicle to my future. And we must always keep moving forward. Always forward.

So, I called the police to file a report, I called the insurance company to file a claim and I ordered a new boombox almost immediately. Because you took my stuff and challenged my security, but you won't stop the music. And you won't stop me.

Who you gonna call? 

Who you gonna call?