Scandal in the #DoctorBeDancing Camp

Today, undeniable evidence of scandal and deceit was released by an anonymous source on the internet regarding the formerly beloved #DoctorBeDancing. The pre-sliced deli sriracha chicken that was donated to the cause was, in fact, consumed by the diabolical doctor himself. It was clearly the intent of the donor that the food be directly donated to charities claimed on the website. Photos of #DoctorBeDancing were released showing him with the cock in his mouth. Given his recent announcement to run for US president, it is unclear how this will affect his campaign. #DoctorBeDancing has yet to release an official statement. One former dissident was heard saying, "I feel much better about a crook running for office. At least now I know I can't trust [#DoctorBeDancing]. Before, I wasn't sure how I should feel at all." As of this printing, the status of the fresh mozzarella cheese (which the same woman had donated to the cause) is unknown. The scandalous photos are printed below, however, please be advised, they are EXTREMELY graphic. Discretion is advised.