#DoctorBeDancing announces his run for #american #president against @realDonaldTrump

Bright and early this afternoon, #DoctorBeDancing decided to announce his presidential bid first thing after getting home from work and changing into this tie-dye pajamas. He strongly believes that he is "the only fathomable force ridiculous enough" to face off with Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election. When asked what qualifies him to be president, he quoted Trump's twitter feed "'[Trump] has made more $ than all of the other candidates combined. Trump knows how 2 make it', BUT has he done it by dancing on the streets?" An irrelevant point made quite articulately by this young, ambitious candidate who has satisfied thousands of donors on the streets and can, undoubtedly, satisfy America. "Furthermore, Trump and I are about the same skin tone," pointed out #DoctorBeDancing. "The only difference is I can't afford that much spray on tan, so I have to go outside and dance to get that color." At his announcement, many of his supporters expressed doubt at his ability to challenge Trump's reign. One onlooker was heard saying, "[#DoctorBeDancing] doesn't stand a chance. He didn't express any misogyny, racism or discrimination of any kind. Worse yet, I don't even think he verbally assaulted any decorated war heroes. He should probably just stay out of politics, and on the streets where he belongs." At the time of printing, the doctor was flirting with the idea of adding the word "real" to his twitter handle @DoctorBeDancing, to show he "really" meant business.

#DoctorBeDancing for president